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Experts in scalable high quality software

To deliver the optimal value, your problem and your requirements will be asked in detail.
"Weeks of coding can save you hours of planning" - Before implementation, we jointly create a technical concept as a basis for further development.
Our experts develop according to the latest technical standards. We react to changing requirements through regular coordination and only build software that serves your business goals.
Manual as well as automated testing guarantees that only functional software is delivered.

Our expertise

The Nextaim team supports startups during the early stages, including concept validation, MVP creation, and development of scalable architectures for further product improvement. We also join the development team after the start of the software development for assistance and enhancing the software.
Custom software
We create custom software for our clients to help enhance efficiency, productivity, and functionality of their business. We build, customize, and integrate ERP, CRM, online payment processing, etc.

What is nextaim?

We are a cross-functional team of IT experts who provide services needed in the tech industry. In addition, with a complete set of technical standards, our team is committed to making sure that when there is a problem as complex as this, a fitting solution is delivered.

From simple custom app development to complex, long-term partnerships, our team of experts is ready for any project that needs an innovative perspective.
Our team helps you turn your idea into a solid application. We provide the tools that fit the product. As your product gains traction, we take care of everyting.
Product Design
Make the most of design to provide your customers with the highest value possible through beautiful and easy-to-use digital products.
We bring in our experience and support you in finding the right direction for your product. Together with you we support you in project management, planning and market research.
Team Extension
If you are short on experts, need to handle peaks, or want to discover new markets without the need of hiring new employees — we're here to help.


The technology landscape is dynamic, and so are the areas of expertise we cover. We're always evolving and try to stay on the bleeding edge, but these are some technologies we're currently using.
Google Cloud

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